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News Releases

01-Jul-16: Canada Day Holiday
01-Jan-16: Happy New Year 2016!
15-Dec-15: 2015 Holiday Hours Posted
01-Jul-15: Canada Day Holiday
01-Jan-15: Happy New Year 2015!
15-Dec-14: 2014 Holiday Hours Posted
01-Jul-14: Canada Day Holiday
01-Jan-14: Happy New Year 2014!
15-Dec-13: 2013 Holiday Hours Posted
01-Jul-13: Canada Day Holiday
01-Jan-13: Happy New Year 2013!
15-Dec-12: 2012 Holiday Hours Posted
01-Jul-12: Canada Day Holiday
01-Jan-12: Happy New Year 2012!
15-Dec-11: 2011 Holiday Hours Posted
01-Jul-11: Canada Day Holiday
01-Jan-11: Happy New Year 2011!
15-Dec-10: 2010 Holiday Hours Posted
01-Jul-10: Canada Day Holiday
01-Jul-10: HST in Ontario & BC
31-May-10: 250,000,000 Spam Blocked
24-May-10: Victoria Day Holiday
01-Jan-10: Happy New Year 2010!
15-Dec-09: 2009 Holiday Hours Posted
01-Dec-09: 180,000,000 Spam Blocked
12-Nov-09: TalkSwitch Releases v6.12
01-Jan-09: Happy New Year 2009!
17-Sep-08: 112,000,000 Spam Blocked
17-Sep-08: Barracuda Link Balancer
17-Sep-08: Barracuda Link Balancer
17-Sep-08: 112,000,000 Spam Blocked
27-Jul-08: TalkSwitch Releases v6.10
21-May-08: Barracuda Spam Firewall 1000
08-Apr-08: Barracuda Web Site Firewall
21-Feb-08: TalkSwitch Releases v6.0
01-Jan-08: Happy New Year 2008!
21-Dec-07: 85,000,000 Spam Blocked
17-Dec-07: 2007 Holiday Hours Posted
23-Oct-07: TalkSwitch Releases 800 series
23-Oct-07: TalkSwitch Releases v5.0
23-Oct-07: TalkSwitch 248vs & 288vs
23-Oct-07: New TalkSwitch IP Handsets
23-Oct-07: TalkSwitch Releases 488vs
27-Aug-07: Fortigate-60B & FortiWiFi-60B
07-Aug-07: TalkSwitch Call Reporting
07-Jun-07: Barracuda Spamfirewall 100
30-May-07: TalkSwitch 480vs & 484vs
30-May-07: TalkSwitch 240vs Released
25-Apr-07: TalkSwitch Attendant Console
23-Apr-07: 55,000,000 Spam Blocked
11-Apr-07: More TalkSwitch IP Extensions
06-Mar-07: Freedom9 Partnership
06-Feb-07: TalkSwitch 244VS Released
01-Jan-07: Happy New Year 2007
24-Dec-06: Happy Holidays 2006
20-Dec-06: More new TalkSwitch models
24-Nov-06: 41,000,000 Spam Blocked
16-Nov-06: New TalkSwitch Systems
07-Nov-06: TalkSwitch Releases v4.0
01-Jan-06: Hosting Setup Fees Waived
01-Jan-06: Updated Website Launched
31-Dec-05: 17,000,000 Spam Blocked
15-Dec-05: TalkSwitch Reseller Partnership
07-Nov-05: 13,000,000 Spam Blocked
05-Oct-05: 11,000,000 Spam Blocked
12-Sep-05: Spam Firewall Upgrade
26-Aug-05: 9,000,000 Spam Blocked
15-Jul-05: 8,000,000 Spam Blocked
13-Jul-05: ColdFusion MX7 HF3 Release
01-May-05: 6,000,000 Spam Blocked
21-Apr-05: ColdFusion MX7 HF2 Release
15-Mar-05: ColdFusion MX7 Full Availability
07-Feb-05: ColdFusion MX7 Limited Release
15-Jan-05: Fusix: New Offices Open
01-Jan-05: Happy New Year!
30-Dec-04: Update: New Office Space
24-Dec-04: Happy Holidays!
20-Dec-04: Move to New Office Begins
14-Jun-04: File Transaction Hub Launched
03-Mar-04: ** E-Mail Virus Warning **
25-Feb-04: Spam Firewall Launched

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