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Fusix has a strong consulting focus and has done work for many different organizations.

ISP Startups
Fusix staffers have been involved in the IT and ISP fields since 1995. Our strengths include:
  • 56K v.90 and 64K/128K ISDN dialup service
  • ADSL-based broadband service
  • HDSL & SDSL-based dedicated service
  • Carrier-class ATM backbone services
  • IP Security & Network Management Services
  • PPTP, IPSec, & ATMP-based VPN services
  • Subscriber Software CDs & Documentation
Internet Data Centres
Fusix has participated in building Internet Data Centres and other scalable hosting environments. They are not a small undertaking and must be planned with great care.

Human Resources
Fusix offers consulting services to organizations seeking to hire for key IT positions. In this day and age, it is not uncommon for those participating in the hiring process to be unable to adequately evaluate an applicant's true skill-set. Fusix can participate in the interview process to help companies properly evaluate an applicant's technical background.

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