Fortinet Antivirus Firewalls

Fortinet Antivirus Firewalls
Fusix Corporation is a proud FortiPartner and has been involved with Fortinet since 2002.

SOHO & SMB Models
 FortiGate 50A
 FortiGate 60
 FortiWiFi 60
 FortiGate 100
 FortiGate 100A
 FortiGate 200
 FortiGate 200A
 FortiGate 300

Enterprise Models
 FortiGate 300A
 FortiGate 400
 FortiGate 400A
 FortiGate 500
 FortiGate 500A
 FortiGate 800
 FortiGate 1000

Logs, Mail & Management

FortiGuard Subscriptions
 FortiGuard Antivirus
 FortiGuard IPS
 FortiGuard Web Filtering
 FortiGuard Antispam


Consulting Services
 IT Services & Onsite Support
 Networking, Cabling & Wiring
 Security, VPNs and Firewalls
 Telephone Systems and VoIP
 Business and Home Control

Online Services
 Website Hosting
 Domain Registration
 Server Colocation

Security Products
 Fortinet Antivirus Firewalls
 Barracuda Networks Firewalls

Telephony Products
 TalkSwitch Phone Systems


Fortinet Software
In addition to a complete line of hardware products, Fortinet also offers two key software applications: FortiClient and FortiReporter.

FortiClient Host Security
Fortinet's FortiClient Host Security is designed to provide a secure computing environment for desktop and mobile laptop users running the most popular Microsoft Windows operating systems. Leveraging Fortinet's award winning technologies, FortiClient provides antivirus scanning, spyware filtering, personal firewall, registry monitoring, Network Address Translation (NAT) Traversal, and an IPSec VPN client to secure local and remote users against the latest virus and computer threats. To lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for enterprise customers, FortiClient offers centralized policy management and the ability to roll out clients in silent mode with preconfigured settings.

FortiReporter Security Analyzer
FortiReporter Security Analyzer is a cost-effective, browser-based, analysis, reporting and monitoring solution that generates easy-to-understand reports across all FortiGate platform functionalities and provides IT administrators and security professionals with insight into network usage and attack activities. FortiReporter Security Analyzer allows IT administrators to identify and respond to attacks and to identify ways to proactively secure their network before security threats arise. It provides comprehensive reports that reveal network abuse, manage bandwidth requirements, monitor Web usage, and ensure appropriate employee usage of networks. Deployed on standard, customer-supplied servers, FortiReporter Security Analyzer's hundreds of easily accessed reports cover the full range of network and security activity, including virus and worm activity, bandwidth usage, network attacks, Web usage, and protocol usage. The intelligent FortiReporter system can collect and analyze data from all FortiGate models as well as from over 30 additional network and security devices from 3rd party vendors.

Fusix Corporation - Your Fortinet Partner
Fusix Corporation is a certified Fortinet Partner and provides competitive pricing on all Fortinet products and services. We have been involved with Fortinet products since 2002 and have extensive configuration and integration experience in networks of all sizes. For more information, please contact

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